Project partners are part of The Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network, composed of industrial research laboratories and innovation centers.

Proambiente S.c.r.l.

Proambiente is a consortium composed of public institutions (CNR and University of Ferrara) and private companies (10 SME based in Emilia-Romagna region), whose main target is industrial research and technological transfer regarding environmental issues.Main focus of Proambiente is environmental control and remediation in air, water, land, cultural heritage and anthropic activities, through cutting-edge services, development of new sensors, tools and platforms to study and monitor the environment.

Project role

In addition to being project coordinator, Proambiente is in charge of all studies to comprehend operational features of prototypes, systems design/realization and integration of scientific equipment into vehicles. Lastly, organizes field tests and promotes continuous exchange of ideas with project partners and companies.



Centro Interdipartimentale per la Ricerca Industriale Meccanica Avanzata e Materiali

CIRI-MAM is the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of the University of Bologna. The center is active in the field of Mechanics of Advanced Materials. Main activities are: research in close collaboration with private parties and internal industrial research.

Project role

CIRI-MAM – O.U. Advanced Materials and Nautical Applications – is responsible for designing and assembling hulls and engines offering safe, reliable and sustainable components. Various know-how and cutting-edge technologies available at the CIRI-MAM, as well as Design for X modern techniques, will be the means to obtain valuable results.


CNA Innovazione

CNA Innovation, Technological Transfer and Innovation division of SIAER Scarl, is a center for research and innovation accredited by the E-R Region. CAN Innovation main focus is strengthening ties between academia and industry, through realization of ideas coming from Research Institutions and support of common projects.

Project role

CNA Innovation, is responsible for project dissemination. CNA Innovation is in charge of designing a plan to disseminate and stress project results through active animation and communication media.


Project co-founded by European Regional Development Fund