One of main contractors for Oil&Gas offshore industry and part of Protan group, Micoperi has been offering marine and submarine products worldwide, as well as being active in sea areas recovering (see Giglio Island, after Concordia shipwreck in 2012). As partner of the NAIADI project, Micoperi is offering the opportunity to apply the technologies developed within the project to high-quality service activities, involving geological-geophysical-environmental data acquisition in marine and harbour areas.

Future developments

Micoperi is willing to coordinate future production, employment and distribution of the technological platform developed within the project. .


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C.A.D.F. S.p.A.

Consorzio Acque Delta Ferrarese (C.A.D.F.) deals with the management of water systems for a number of municipalities located in the Emilia-Romagna land. Activities include water collection, treatment and distribution for multiple purposes, as well as environmental remedy and quality check of waste collected in channels and streams, especially in delicate environments.

Future developments

C.A.D.F. is willing to put in use the products developed within the project to optimize environmental remedy’s procedures, in particular to sample water through an autonomous platform.



Communication Technology S.r.l.

Active since 1993 into developing and selling marine scientific tools, Communication Technologies has a long case history of products operating all around Italian coastlines and seas.

Future developments

As provider of a widespread community of professionals working on submerged areas, this partner’s knowledge will drive development, production and distribution of the new technologies conceived within the project.



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E.T.W. di Sante Anferri

E.T.W. is active in the use of cutting-edge technologies to plan and manage aquaculture plants and aquatic ecosystems. It also designs experimental plants for Universities and Research Centers using low environmental impact biological technologies to treat aquatic environments of various size.

Future developments

E.T.W. is willing to use aquatic robots to monitor the environment and automatically administer biological substances into confined aquatic environments.


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Worldwide operator of new generation biotechnology, Micoperi Blue Growth carries an intense research and development activity over a sustainable biomass production extracted from microalgae. Potential applications are in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural fields.

Future developments

Micoperi Blue Growth is interested in using the platform to monitor marine environments.



Microperi Blue Growth

Project co-founded by European Regional Development Fund